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Backup solutions for home and business

We offer multiple backup solutions to our customers.  These include offsite, local and network backup.


Offsite Backup:

I highly recommend that everyone, business and home users, save a copy of their data externally.  An offsite backup protects your data from viruses that can hold your data (and  any local backups) for ransom.  It also protects from fire, hard drive failure and theft.  The advantage to our offsite backup service is that all data is stored locally in Canada.  The backup software is loaded on your home or office computer and monitors the directories that house your important data.  On a schedule any changes that are made to your monitored folders are backed up to a server maintained by Computers on Wheels.  All files are password protected and encrypted before leaving your location.  The first backup will upload the entire contents of your folders, the next will backup just the changes from the last backup.  We will then monitor your backups and make sure to contact you if a backup does not complete successfully.

If your data is lost, just give us a call and we will remotely connect to your computer and restore your files from the backup.   We can also visit onsite, fix the problem, and restore your data.  This service is popular with users of quickbooks and simply accounting as it is very important to backup this critical data daily in a second secure location.  Many offsite backup services will backup your data to an unknown server.  This server could even be located in a different country.  With our service you will have physically met the person who will be maintaining your critical data.  We also have physical access to our backup server and are the only ones with access to it.

Local and Network Backup:

In addition to offsite backup we can provide local backup solutions as well.  The first option is to install a second hard drive inside your desktop (or external USB for laptops).  We then install software that makes a complete image of your hard drive and saves it automatically to the second hard drive.  This backup includes all data and software located on your computer.   In the event of a hardware/software problem we can restore your computer to a earlier day.The second option is to install a network attached storage device (NAS).   This device connects directly to your router and contains multiple hard drives.  Multiple computers connected to your router can then automatically backup files (including wireless laptops).  All files are stored locally and never leave your home or office.