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Tricky email scams

Tricky email scams

I received an email that even had me thinking twice that it may not be a scam. I had just submitted my taxes and had heard in the news that CRA was no longer issuing cheques. If I had clicked on the link provided it may have loaded a virus or asked me to submit […]

Firefox now blocking flash by default

It seems Adobe is having more problems with flash. Today it was announced that Firefox is now blocking flash by default on all websites. Firefox recommends that users only enable flash on websites they trust. Firefox is used by approximately 20% of all internet users. ‚Äč

Don’t update to Windows 10 just...

Recently users of Windows 7 and 8 have been seeing a popup in the bottom right of their screen. This popup is offering a free update to Windows 10 when it becomes available. From past experience I would not recommend accepting this offer. No one knows just how this update will affect your existing programs. […]

Update your Adobe flash

Update your Adobe flash

Recently there have been many reports of Adobe flash vulnerabilities. Flash is very popular and is used to display video on many websites. These bugs may allow malware to be loaded on your computer. Personally I would like to disable flash completely but unfortunately it is too widely used by websites. Firefox will disable flash […]

Heartbleed bug and using a password m...

Heartbleed bug and using a password manager

Recently I have been answering a lot of questions regarding the Heartbleed bug. The temporary closing and stolen SIN numbers from the CRA website have made many people aware of this bug. This bug does not affect your personal computer. The problem lies with the computers running the secure websites you enter passwords into. If […]